2 Samuel Chapter 8

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1: And after this it came to pass that David smote the Philistines, and subdued them: and David took Methegammah out of the hand of the Philistines. edit

2: And he smote Moab, and measured them with a line, casting them down to the ground; even with two lines measured he to put to death, and with one full line to keep alive. And so the Moabites became David's servants, and brought gifts. edit

3: David smote also Hadadezer, the son of Rehob, king of Zobah, as he went to recover his border at the river Euphrates. edit

4: And David took from him a thousand chariots, and seven hundred horsemen, and twenty thousand footmen: and David houghed all the chariot horses, but reserved of them for an hundred chariots. edit

5: And when the Syrians of Damascus came to succour Hadadezer king of Zobah, David slew of the Syrians two and twenty thousand men. edit

6: Then David put garrisons in Syria of Damascus: and the Syrians became servants to David, and brought gifts. And the LORD preserved David whithersoever he went. edit

7: And David took the shields of gold that were on the servants of Hadadezer, and brought them to Jerusalem. edit

8: And from Betah, and from Berothai, cities of Hadadezer, king David took exceeding much brass. edit

9: When Toi king of Hamath heard that David had smitten all the host of Hadadezer, edit

10: Then Toi sent Joram his son unto king David, to salute him, and to bless him, because he had fought against Hadadezer, and smitten him: for Hadadezer had wars with Toi. And Joram brought with him vessels of silver, and vessels of gold, and vessels of brass: edit

11: Which also king David did dedicate unto the LORD, with the silver and gold that he had dedicated of all nations which he subdued; edit

12: Of Syria, and of Moab, and of the children of Ammon, and of the Philistines, and of Amalek, and of the spoil of Hadadezer, son of Rehob, king of Zobah. edit

13: And David gat him a name when he returned from smiting of the Syrians in the valley of salt, being eighteen thousand men. edit

14: And he put garrisons in Edom; throughout all Edom put he garrisons, and all they of Edom became David's servants. And the LORD preserved David whithersoever he went. edit

15: And David reigned over all Israel; and David executed judgment and justice unto all his people. edit

16: And Joab the son of Zeruiah was over the host; and Jehoshaphat the son of Ahilud was recorder; edit

17: And Zadok the son of Ahitub, and Ahimelech the son of Abiathar, were the priests; and Seraiah was the scribe; edit

18: And Benaiah the son of Jehoiada was over both the Cherethites and the Pelethites; and David's sons were chief rulers. edit

(Paraphrase) David defeated the Philistines and Moabites measuring the length of the cord he laid beside them because every two lengths were going to be put to death. Then David fought the king of Zobah which who had help from the Arameans, but God gave David victory. [Since David defeated that whole army he dedicated the silver, gold, and bronze articles]. All of David’s officials obtained significant roles, even his sons. (1/2) David won the battle against the Philistines and Moabites. In these two verses the Bible also tells us how and what he did. The way that David killed some of the people was in a strange way. But he did it that way because he wanted to make his army stronger and better. So he had to let some of the people he was fighting against live so they could become a member of his group. Everybody have their own way of killing people and building the group which they are the boss of. (3/4) David is still defeating people. If you want to take over a country or city you are going to get the big people as in mayors and presidents out of your way. So David had to kill a lot of people because a lot tried to stop him but he didn’t kill all of them. David also realize that nothing was not just gone be giving to him, he had to go out and take what he wanted. As you can tell David did what he had to do. (5/6) Once again David has won a battle. If you are going to call and get help with a battle make sure the people you call really is prepared to help you defeat the person or group you are fighting against. David got a lot of things from winning all the battles that he fought in. David is pretty confident whenever he know he is about to fight because he God is with him no matter how many people he was fighting against. (7/8) David got the most valuable thing from the people he was fighting. If David wanted something he went out and got it with no problem. Most people will hide the valuable things because they know somebody will want it for themselves. But the people that were fighting David couldn’t beat him so they lost their most valuable thing they had. (9/10) David has won all the battles and is getting a lot of respect. But there are many people who will do something but don’t get recognize for it. But you got people who make a clear statement when they do something so they will be recognize by major people in the world. As you can see that is what King David did and because of that he is well known. (11/12) Sometimes giving is better the keeping for you. Most people do not know how to share things that they cherish. But David does not have that problem because all the things he has gotten from all the battles he won he dedicated it to someone special in his life. So one way you can receive your blessing from God is to learn how to give to the people that is in need. (13/14) David is now going down in history because of all the things he accomplished. All the things he did was not just something little and not important, they were very important. Everybody now know David as a man that fight for what he want and got it.

       (15/16) No matter where David went he didn’t let his people down or forgot about them.  There 

aren’t many people that can do that. David had some good people on his side and had much respect for them and they returned that same respect to him. But in order to get respect you got to give it, so that’s what David did. (17/18) All the sons of the kings were highly in what they were doing. They are following their father’s footsteps so they could become better men in life.

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